May 19, 2024

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Billion-Dollar Gambling Case: Nguyen Van Duong And The Rikvip Scandal

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In the billion-dollar gambling case involving the gambling ring led by Phan Sao Nam, Nguyen Van Duong is considered one of the key figures. Duong is a successful businessman and is regarded as the “boss” of this case.

Nguyen Van Duong established the CNC company with the support of two high-ranking police officers, Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa, creating favorable conditions for the gambling ring’s operations. In 2015, Duong agreed with Phan Sao Nam to launch the RikVip online gaming portal and organize online gambling activities.

After signing the contract, Nguyen Van Duong directed the company’s employees to operate and reconcile the revenue from gambling activities. From that, he illicitly profited over 1.655 trillion dong.

The billion-dollar RikVip gambling case was discovered through an online scam. The police arrested 13 individuals involved in illegal gambling activities and continued the investigation, identifying Nguyen Van Duong and Phan Sao Nam as the main masterminds of this case.

Furthermore, the investigative agency also determined that the billion-dollar RikVip gambling ring was protected by two high-ranking leaders in the police force, Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa. Both officers not only failed to prevent illegal activities but also aided in the protection of the ring.

Nguyen Van Duong’s CNC company was chosen as a front company responsible for obtaining licenses to operate the online gaming system. During the licensing process, Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa submitted the application and received support from the Ministry of Information and Communications to launch this game.