May 19, 2024

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Greatest UFC Champ of All Time?

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A hero in any game has a gigantic objective on their back, yet when you battle in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the greatest and baddest men on earth are gunning for you consistently; title fired or not. In the multi year, 97 occasion history of the UFC just 11 warriors have shielded their title more than once. This rundown of first class warriors have fairly earned their place in UFC history, the same number of pundits and adherents of the game accept that one isn’t really a boss until he has effectively protected his belt. Those that have done it more than once are certainly the best of the best. So who is the Greatest of All Time? 

Coming up next is the rundown   บาคาร่าออนไลน์ of UFC contenders with different fruitful title resistances. You choose who the most elite is. On the off chance that the primary models is the quantity of back to back effective safeguards; Anderson Silva is incontestably the ruler. On the off chance that absolute number of protections is your gauge, Matt Hughes would get approval. What’s more, if the gauge of the champ’s opposition is likewise a thought; I think most will contend for Silva. 

  1. Matt Hughes (WW) – Title Defenses: 7 

Matt Hughes was and is a UFC legend. He shielded his title an aggregate of multiple times during two separate stretches as the UFC Welterweight champion. During his first term as champ, he guarded five sequential occasions against any semblance of Gil Castillo and Frank Trigg (lol). I’m having a fabulous time here, yet on a genuine note, Matt Hughes has beaten a heap of value warriors over his distinguished vocation, nonetheless, seeing his rundown of challengers it most likely doesn’t come close to Anderson Silva’s. 

  1. Anderson Silva (MW) – Title Defenses: 6 

After his last barrier he is currently the sole record holder for back to back title safeguards in the UFC. Notwithstanding all the unjustifiable analysis he gathered from UFC 97, he is as yet the UFC Middleweight champ and pound-for-pound ruler. Whenever somebody has the balls to get in the pen with him and attempt to IMPOSE their will on him, I wager he will keep on ruling. (peruse Anderson is the CHAMP!) His dash of protections and the challengers he has beaten is nothing not exactly amazing! 

  1. Tito Ortiz (LHW) – Title Defenses: 5 

UGH!! It torments me to need to put the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” on this rundown, yet the realities are the realities. Tito safeguarded his Light Heavyweight title from 2000 to 2002, until Randy Couture removed it from him. This is when Randy gave the Bad Boy some merited whipping as an embarrassing spanking…HA HA!! 

  1. Hurl Liddell (LHW) – Title Defenses: 4 

The “Iceman” has one of the most amazing title barrier streaks. Counting his success over Randy Couture to pick up the title, he won and safeguarded the title with five back to back TKO wins. Randy, Tito, Jeremy Horn and Renato Sobral all succumbed to the explosive hands of Chuck during his rule as champion.