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Code of Conduct to Follow If Do Not Align With an Escorts Culture

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Code of Conduct to Follow If Do Not Align With an Escorts Culture

Young hispanic couple holding hands in bed at home. Happy man seducing woman, kissing her shoulder.

Many times, it has been said that the escort business is a commercial venture, and you need to consider it that way. Escorts business means there is a lot of travelling, and you need to interact with clients of different cultures.

If you plan to visit another country or even continent to promote your escort business, then you should be spot on with your homework. This would mean finding specific characteristics of the men you are looking to meet. The meaning of particular gestures, dress code and so on. There are a few handy gestures with double meanings based on the country you are situated. Listcrawler escorts could be a good option to explore the genera. 

The Thumbs up

In European and American culture, if you use a thumb up sign, it means everything is complete. But using this sign in Islamic or Asian countries is perceived as an offensive and rude gesture. This is a gesture that is not intended to be shown in public. 

The Ok sign

This is a gesture sign that is used in Europe and the USA, indicating everything is fine. But you should not be using it if you are with a Turkish client as an Ok sign mentions you are a homosexual. At no point you would want to hurt the masculinity of a man client.

The dog call

The dog call is a process where you cut your finger and call someone towards you. Though in the escort business, this sign can be used with an alluring sense of meaning come here. In the Philippines, you should not be using this gesture as it is used to call prostitutes.

The gesture of observing your clock

The gesture is an indicator that you want to hurry on a date but do not use it with a client from an Arabic country. The reason why it is forbidden is because it is a rude insult. To conclude, remember that you are more than a pretty woman looking for a pulsating sexual encounter. A reputed client means that the reputation of your business is enhanced.