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Want to know the details about Xtrade trading broker account options

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When it comes to the online trading service, Xtrade is one of the leading and trusted platforms which offers risk free and reliable trading environment. Here, you can trade commodities, indices, stocks, and forex according to your individual requirements.

Xtrade broker also offers intuitive and user friendly mobile app if you want to trade with your smart phone or tablet. It offers multi asset trading functionality that allows all traders to trade the asset of your preference.

Account options:

Here at this Xtrade trading platform, every trader can have four different account options such as,

  • Standard – When considering the standard trading account at Xtrade, it carries only the minimum amount of deposit requirements of 250 dollars. It is usually developed for the beginner level traders who don’t want to make any big investment initially.
  • Premium – The premium trading account has the minimum deposit of 1000 dollars and fits for the intermediate level traders who have some experience and knowledge in online trading.
  • Platinum – If you wish to choose platinum type account option at Xtrade broker, it requires a minimum deposit of 5000 dollars and is suitable for the advanced traders.
  • VIP – VIP is the most advanced trading account option which is developed for the professional & VIP traders. The trader who can able to afford a minimum deposit requirement of 25,000 dollars can go for this VIP trading account at this brokerage company.

The conditions of trading for every account option vary from each other with the most competitive and the lowest ones give to the professional traders. Apart from that, they also offer different features which will differ from one account to another but some of them remain the same. Along with these trading options, you can also get online chat support, personalized trading, webinars, daily news, ebooks, online course, and etc at this trading brokerage firm.