May 19, 2024

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My Memory With an Unforgettable Strange Character

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It was a weird procession, I saw passing my THAKUMA’s (Grandmother) house that late spring of 1985 when I went to live with her at Manori sea shore. Every evening, from the front window, I viewed twelve adolescents, conveying volley balls and excursion bushels, walk joyously along the sea shore. The abnormal thing was that there was consistently a เรื่องแปลกรอบโลก  more seasoned man with them, a man they pushed in a wheel seat. His profile helped me to remember a cut nonentity on an old cruising transport; his high temple, noticeable nose and unpleasant slashed haw were pushed forward as though to part the breeze. 

The youngsters swim, took care of business on the sand s and at nightfall lit a fire to cook fishes. Long after dull, I could see the still figure in the wheelchair outlined by the moving flares. I made up an assortment of tales about that man, however in the end I became burnt out on speculating and got some information about him. “Gracious, you mean Devasish Ganguly”, she said. “The specialists don’t appear to know precisely what’s going on with him. Several years back he out of nowhere got incapacitated.” 

“Do those adolescents need to take him to sea shore each day?” 

“No she replied. “They simply need to see him chipper. 

One morning I saw him sitting alone on the sea shore, gazing out at the ocean. I needed to converse with him, however when I was inside a couple of yards of him my means slacked. The way that he was injured caused him to appear to be changed to the point that I lost my boldness. 

“su-probhat,” (Good morning), he called out in a solid voice. 

“Su-probhat,” I ended up saying. 

“You are Anu,” (my granny use to call me) he said. I thought it inquisitive that he didn’t turn his head to take a gander at me-then I recollected that he proved unable. I strolled round before him. 

“How would you know who I am?” 

“You ‘ve been peeping at me all late spring out of your grandma’s parlor window.” I hung my head, however he chuckled so that I giggled, as well. At that point he stated, “OK prefer to comprehend what befell me?’ 

He told the realities quickly. Two years prior, he stated, he had out of nowhere felt a chill and afterward had started to have a high fever. After the fever was gone, loss of motion had assumed control more than one leg, the other; it moved to his arms and his back. The specialists had put forth a valiant effort to stop his spread, yet now he could move just his eyes and mouth and lift each hand around five crawls over the arm of his seat. 

“The specialists state I had a ‘blended harmful contamination,’ which is her method of revealing to me that they’re not sure what it was. Be that as it may, one day they may discover the appropriate response.”