September 29, 2023

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Which Lighting Works Great For Kitchen Island?

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Which Lighting Works Great For Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands are aesthetic and versatile spots. It is a functional spot, which can be used as an extra area for preparing food, spend family time, add extra storage space, act as an informal dining area, and more. You can choose kitchen island styles that can boldly express your personality. Besides, you also need to plan the kitchen island lighting carefully, so it complements the plethora of functions conducted in this spot. 

Which lights work great for lighting kitchen islands?

Pendant lights and chandeliers

The pendant light is suitable for both visual and task. A rectangular crystal island chandelier is a great option, which is available on Sofary. For more pendant light options you can visit their link –

For long and deep counters, check the linear design options like the Rectangular Crystal Raindrop chandelier. You can even use pendant light clusters either hung separately or configured as multi-light. The chandelier adds elegance to the neutral kitchen spot. For finer detail, you can consider a chrome-based chandelier because it can blend with the sleek chrome handles of your kitchen cabinets. 

Color in your kitchen can add flair and personality. People play with colors only on their cabinets but incorporating lighting is a different approach. A couple or three of 3D colorful glass fireworks ART pendant lights can create a remarkable display. Space them evenly across your kitchen island length to make sure the color stretches. Decorative wallpaper with matching hues helps to create a bold look.

  • Recessed lighting

If you don’t desire hanging lights, recessed lighting will be a great option. It is a more hidden lighting source yet appropriate brightness for every task gets maintained. You get consistent brightness across the kitchen area as well as highlights decorative fixtures suspending over the island. Recessed lighting helps to highlight the shiny pendant design.

  • Ground-up lighting

Installing LED accent lights below the whole island adds a bold statement. It even adds to the ambiance and is an ideal option for homeowners, who adore hosting and entertaining. 

  • Spotlights

In minimalist or modern kitchens, spotlights work great. They actually improve the features of the room. Small islands can benefit from this style. Spotlights incorporated in dark corners can open the space. Spotlights can even be considered for high-shine worktops because the light bounces off its surface making space feel more brightened and bigger. 

Overhead spotlight with dimmable switch allows controlling the illumination reflecting from the worktop below. LEDs are cool and give out a white color, which is great for the day. Nevertheless, opt for something warm for the evening ambiance. 

Allow lighting to highlight the room style

Your chosen lighting style not just adds elegance to space, but defines a more polished style even if the kitchen color stays neutral. For example, a traditional chrome pendant light helps to create an industrial look to the kitchen. It improves the look of the exposed metal rack filled with utensils. Matching the main fittings, fixtures, and accessories helps to blend the overall room décor. 

Unlike the bathroom, there are no special requisites like IP ratings for the kitchen island lighting, so choose a flexible and practical lighting solution!