July 14, 2024

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Sri Lanka Tightens Sports Betting Rules To Fight Cricket Graft

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Sri Lanka introduced demanding penalties for tightened and match-fixing sports gambling constraints on Monday to stamp out graft scandals which have dogged the nation’s cricket team. Allegations of corruption have plagued with Sri Lankan awards including claims of match-fixing before an international Test against England this past year, for decades. “Many strove to avoid this bit of law, but I am glad it was shot up now,” sports ministry Harin Fernando stated after the law has been passed by parliament. Betting online sports games sponsored in Sri Lanka was already illegal, but the rules will ban Sri Lankans from gambling on contests that are international.

The provision seems like a way to target Sri Lanka Cricket, Thilanga Sumathipala’s president, whose family owns a business and that had been until recently a member of the executive committee of the organization. Sumathipalaa politician and businessman, has denied participation in the gaming aspect of the family enterprise. The law comes weeks later Harin Fernando explained that the game’s local government had been riddled with nhan dinh keo bong da graft”in the top to base,” and the International Cricket Council believed Sri Lanka among the planet’s most corrupt cricketing countries.

An article advocating for the legalization of gambling was written by A writer at the Times of India. Supra note 43. The post said that criminalizing the behavior doesn’t stop people from betting online. 46 Id. The authorities can maintain a check on individuals and protect against future problems by controlling it. 47 Id. Furthermore, a survey was taken by India’s Times on the web, where the percentage of the respondents approved of legalizing gaming. Should Gamble in India Be Legalized? Additionally, at a BBC news movie in India, a cricket enthusiast urged for its legalization of gambling in cricket, even commenting that”if you legalize it. The government is also currently looking to the prospect of legalizing gambling and discovering ways to work around any stigma. 51 Govt Research Possibility of Legalizing Sports Gambling.