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Comprehensive History of Texas, I 590. 160 Texas Historical Affiliation Quarterly. The Secretary of the Treasury, and all his Subordinate Officers, are without rooms and without ‘”The lodging was meager in every respect. However, there was accessible a spacious home (for that day), with giant rooms on the ground floor, separated by a wide hallway, with other rooms for committee and clerical purposes. Each house occupied one of the big rooms. This house at first accommodated the government solely in part, different homes being also utilized.” Brown, History of Texas, II 99, 100. “The different governmental our bodies of Texas, as the Session, the Provisional Government, and the federal government advert interim, had met at various points in small body buildings or shanties, and when the first congress of the Constitutional Government assembled at Columbia, every home needed to occupy a small frame constructing.” Lubbock, Memoirs, 48. 2 0n October llth, the senate appointed a committee to confer with the committee of preparations for the aim of procuring the rooms contiguous to the senate chamber for the usage of the different senate committees.

1 The Telegraph of September 28, 1836, reviews: Yesterday, the citizens of this place appointed a committee to arrange the required buildings for the accommodation of Congress, and we believe that appropriate and convenient rooms will probably be furnished. Peebles 2 Rooms with Stoves 2 Home of Mr. Beards 20 feet square with stove 1 Mr. Sampson with 2 Rooms and one fireplace place 2 Hendricks Rooms with two fire locations 2 Mrs. Carson room with stove 1 Col. 1 No rooms are set apart for the Committees of your physique. The proposals of A. C. & J. K. Allen are represented to have been “replete with most cogent causes for the collection of the town of Houston.” 2 John K. Allen was a member of the home of representatives from Nacogdoches.

Industry and utility, put in requisition by mature judgment, should still be conducted by the system, group, and method. These are mandatory and cannot be attained or exercised without the comfort of houses. The primary congress assembled Monday, October 3, 1836. Soon it grew to become manifest that the committee of arrangements referred to above had either failed to obtain a sufficient number of homes or else they’d not contemplated the rise of workplaces accompanying the group of the constitutional authorities. November 9, 1836. The Seat of Government of Texas. To the Hon. The Senate and House of Representatives of the Republic of Texas in Congress assembled: The Undersigned most respectfully represents to Your Honle. Commissioners may then select one or two square Blocks on which to erect the federal government Buildings that -the entire of the remainder shall be laid off into town several probably the most convenient size, as directed by your Commissioners and that when so carried out, the Undersigned conform to convey to the government a Title for the mentioned two Blocks above-mentioned and that the proceeds of the gross sales of all of the tons laid off in sd.