December 7, 2023

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Best Motivational Telugu Movie from Tollywood

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Are you looking forward to letting your hair down after a tough week? Have you planned to spend the weekend being entertained? Then you need to watch South Indian movies. The ensemble cast, rich cinematography, astute direction, and stellar on-screen performances of the movies are sure to leave you spell bound. Don’t worry about boredom in lockdown when you have viable mediums like Aha OTT channel to keep your enthralled for hours. It creates an unmatched visual and sensory experience that is hard to replicate in real life. The technical department amplifies the production values of the various Telugu and Malayalam movies that stream on the channels and get released on the big screen in a cinema hall near you. There are many more recent Telugu movies on aha app.

Check out motivational movies that uplift the sense of empowerment within you. 36 Vayasulo is one such blockbuster hit. It talks about how women empowerment can overcome adversaries even in the form of her own husband. Producer Suriya has made it on a lavish budget and the exemplary production values come across on the screen. This provides an emotional roller coaster ride for the movie goers. They get a visual treat with the great on screen performance and high quality production values. The movie is directed by RosshanAndrrews. It has chartbusting music by Santhosh Narayanan ad was appreciated by music aficionados who are fans of South Indian movie music. The crisp editing by Mahesh Narayanan ensures that the viewer is glued to the seat throughout the proceedings and doesn’t lose interest in the film till its climax.

The lead star Jyothikahas provided ample reasons for the movie fan to catch this movie on Aha. Rahman has played his part admirably as a husband who doesn’t view women empowerment in favorable light. But it is Jyothika who carries the movie all the way with her energetic performance.

The movie starts with the actress getting an invitation from the President of India. But she is not able to meet him and becomes a butt of all jokes on the internet. It also spoils her plan to settle in a foreign country with the family. Eventually the family goes abroad without her, leaving the actress heartbroken. How she overcomes his negative situation to redeem herself in front of her family? Does the President actually meet her? Why did she get the invitation in the first place? Catch the answer to these questions by watching 36 Vayasuloon OTT channels like Aha.

Aha is one of the premium OTT channels. Its rich content library has a rage of shows, web series, and movies that hit your senses and awaken the vivid imagination within you. The rich and varied content is just what you need to eliminate the stress of the day’s routines. If you are looking to escape the mundane life and be transported to a realm of fantasy where everything is larger than life, then your TV should do the trick. Subscribe to aha and get your dose of daily enthronement with a creative flourish.